Meet the team from Green Visions, we are your local connection in Sarajevo, and pioneers of the eco-tourism movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Established in 2000 as a joint (ad)venture between Bosnian, Dutch and American friends, we have become a leader in providing high quality, professional, and responsible eco-tours throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We are dedicated to providing local communities with environmentally sound alternatives for economic development while preserving their precious lifestyles and natural heritage. Rest assured that your trip with Green Visions will not only be safe, fun, and fascinating – but that you will also be contributing to the benefit of the highland communities and the eco-systems they rely on.

Our vision is to see the wilderness of Bosnia and Herzegovina preserved through both the establishment of legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms, and through the raising of public awareness and respect for the environment and the vital need for ecological balance.

We believe that alternative means of development is key to the sustainability of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s traditional highland life and the eco-systems that sustain them. Green Visions holds ecological awareness as the priority in sustainable development – be it in eco-tourism, organic farming, medicinal herbs, handicrafts, forestry, wood-production, livestock or other economic endeavours.

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