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My Favorite Ridges in the Balkans


There’s  something magical about mountain ridges. Ever since I came to the region I think it’s the steep and sharp karst ridges that have caught my imagination. You can’t get to them immediately and most of the time you have to make a real effort get there. Once there they greet you with endless views and dizzying height from all sides. To me ridge walking naturally lends itself to planning. I Look at them from a distance and my mind automatically starts plotting out a route along the slender knife like edges leading up to a peak or into the distance.

On Mosor, in Croatia lies the first ridge that caught my imagination in the region.  Just behind Split, the dry rocky outcrops of Mosor, provide one of the most stunning and dramatic views of the deep blue Adriatic and the rough Croatian hinterlands. It’s hot and unforgiving but my oh my what sights to soak in.


"Hiking a new mega-trail in the Balkans" with Green Visions

“It takes about three months to hike the White trail from end to end, but with just seven days to spare I’ve joined a tour with Green Visions, a Bosnian operator involved in the route’s development, focusing on a stretch across three spectacular contiguous national parks: Sutjeska in eastern Bosnia, Piva on the border, and Durmitor in north-western Montenegro…”
Check the article written by Krithika Varagur, who shares her experience on Via Dinarica trail with Green Visions.
Article is published by British “The Guardian” on 08th October 2018. Enjoy!

Link on full article can be found, HERE.

Green Visions in NatGeo Traveler's “ Best of the World ” 2017

National Geographic Travel Best of the World December 2016National Geographic Traveler magazine has recognized the Via Dinarica mega-hiking trail and cultural corridor—an eight-country route that spans the Western Balkans—as one of its “ Best of the World ” destinations for 2017. The NGT story, which includes 21 of the most interesting places on the planet to experience adventure and authenticity, makes the point that trekkers along the Via Dinarica have the chance to “sleep in remote mountain shelters along the Adriatic Sea, atop the region’s highest peaks, and above the continent’s deepest gorge.”

We’re excited for Green Visions to be mentioned in both the online and magazine versions of the “ Best of the World ” destinations for 2017 story. Not only do we feel proud to be part of the Via Dinarica movement, but there is something that touches us deeply since we’re doing it together with Via Dinarica Alliance and many other partners from the entire Western Balkans, including Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Macedonia.

“What was once a contentious region has become the planet’s most exciting cross-border destination. ‘The Via Dinarica has replaced politics with nature’, and ‘What could be more beautiful?’”