Exploring the Una River

River Una in BiH. Photocred Muhamed Toromanovic/Flickr

The Una River forms the natural border between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, meandering mostly north to south and covering a watershed area of almost 10,000 square kilometers. The river Una runs through Bosnia’s newest and largest national park, which was founded in 2008 as a conservation effort for the diverse woodlands and karst geography of northwestern BiH. When traveling to Una National Park, visitors can expect blue-green rivers and lakes reminiscent of Plitvice National Park, its Croatian cousin to the north.

National Park Una contains three river bodies within its territories: the Una, Unac, and Krka. Boasted on the park’s website as, “the largest fly fishing grounds in Europe”, the rivers most notably contain native Stream Trout and Grayling (although I believe some species of Salmon and Grayling here are endangered…please feel free to comment below). A one-day fishing permit costs 40km (or 20 euros), and other price packages can be found on the park’s website.

The Una River near Bihac. Photocred TKnoxb/Flickr

The rivers and lakes of National Park Una are its biggest tourist attraction. Although it is roughly a 4-hour trip from Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo, there is more than enough to do during a weekend visit here, and cooling off in the Una River is far less crowded than the Croatian coastline. If you are more of a mountains-and-rivers sort of traveler (which is probably why you’re reading this blog), then I definitely recommend a weekend trip to Bihać and neighboring Una National Park.

White water rafting tours, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, and diving are all offered within the park, and guided activities can be organized through your travel partners here at Green Visions.

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