Going nowhere slowly

In the past few days all I could think of was what I was going to do and where I was going? Today’s ride changed it all. It took me a good part of the day to really start to enjoy myself.

Scenic route

I decided to take the scenic route. Villager had told me that I only had about 7km of gravel road along the top of the canyon. Sadly or luckily I forgot to ask in what state the road was? I ended up pushing my bike up through rough gravel patches and thinking why am I doing this again? And then my thoughts ended. Here at the edge of Komarnica canyon I started noticing everything around me.

Stopped, got off my bike and enjoyed the sun and the view. I did not have to get to Zabljak. I did not have to get to anywhere.

It was time to be where I was.


It was a marvelous day, of Isolated villages, hidden waterfalls, dramatic canyon Nevidio and my end destination the village of Poscenje.

Trip details:

From Izlazak To Nevidio
Total distance: 34.98 km
Total time: 6:15:13
Max elevation: 1384 m
Min elevation: 725 m
Elevation gain: 980 m

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