Faruk Karabegovic

Faruk is one of those people who will instantly make you to fall in love with the mountains, sharing his passion and enthusiasm about them.

He is professional flute player and for years he played in Sarajevo Symphonic Orchestra. During the war years in Bosnia he moved to Netherlands where he spent more than 10 years of his life. At that time on his bike he crossed, not only countries of Benelux, but also good part of Europe. He also traveled by bike to Bonn, Germany, birthplace of his favorite composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, to pay a tribute to him. There is even documentary about that event, filmed back in 2004 named “Symphony for a street Musician”, which tells about his life at that moment as street musician, his love for classical music and life he left behind as professional musician.

After his return to Bosnia, he became member of our team in 2008 and since that time he shares his passion for mountains with our guests, on bike or on foot.