Sabina Redzovic

Sabina was born and raised in Sarajevo. Graduated at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and worked as an engineer for years. Ever since her very young age she was a big fan of wandering around nature. Thus hiking and biking routes around Sarajevo have made her know her homeland and local people in an unique way.

Hiking and biking paths & trails in Bosnia and Herzegovina link lots of natural wonders and heritage sites so, for Sabina, it’s a great way of meeting people and cultures. She is a passionate traveler always ready for unexpected journeys. Visiting Iceland was, one of her, dream come true experiences.

“For me, working with Green Visions means to be on a constant vacation and doing things I like, such as outdoors activities and meeting people. That’s something I enjoy and makes me grow.”

Hills around Sarajevo are her favorite part of the city. Can be seen zooming around Sarajevo and Trebevic Mountain on her bicycle or hiking around with her dog along mountains.