My own rhythm in Montenegro

Over the past week I’ve slowly increased the distances I biked. It felt right Yesterday’s 110km from Ostrog Monastery to Herceg Novi was long, tiering and at the same time exhilarating.

Long stretches with gentle inclines in an empty landscape under the scorching sun, gave me enough time to be with me. I needed to do this trip and take some time to establish my own rhythms and find out what’s really important to me.

These long meditative days just hit the spot.

Biking in Montenegro offers a bit of everything, isolated mountains, busy coastal towns, sun & snow, extensive off the beaten path road network (gravel & asphalt), slow and fast, wonderful cultural and natural heritage, wherever you go friendly people, and of course the short and long long empty rides.

Tomorrow I leave Herceg Novi for Trebinje, and If there is one thing that I’ll take with me is that I need to continue to look for those long isolated stretches wherever I go. Trebinje – Stolac, Mostar – Blidinje, Tomislavgrad – Bosanski Grahovo, Bihac – Jajce just to name a few will be on my agenda in the coming summer months.

They are a sure way for me to know me and be happy with me.

Trip details


Ostrog Monastery To Herceg Novi
Activity type: biking
Total distance: 113.00 km
Moving time: 9:23:29
Max elevation: 1047 m
Min elevation: 38 m
Elevation gain: 1408 m

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