Mountain & Road Biking

Mountain biking in Bosnia is a relatively new sport with only a small circle of dedicated bikers. This has its advantages – we have thousands of kilometers of trails that are developed so mountain bikers can RIDE FREE!

Mountain bikers have complete access to dozens of highland trails that meander through the regions most beautiful mountainous areas with little for no limitations. Most mountain bike trails are ancient highland caravan routes that connected mountain communities – offering not only challenging routes but well kept ones as well. The best bike trails are located in the heart of Central Dinaric Alps, not far from the capital Sarajevo. The northwest frontiers, particularly around the town of Bihac also have well groomed and marked biking trails and has ideal terrain for road biking.

We organize both easy and strenuous mountain biking trips on paved and dirt roads as well as offering single track and free ride options in the mountains around Sarajevo.

Don’t want to travel with your bike and gear, or left them at home? Nema Problema – We have everything from bikes to helmets and clothing to put you on your way to an unforgettable biking adventure.

We Recommend you try our:
* Three day Adrenaline filled Hiking, Biking and Rafting Adventure across the Central Dinaric Alps
* Stunning cross country Olympic mountain biking trip along the ancient highland villages on Bjelasnica
* Sarajevo & Trebevic Biking Adventure

Bike with us!