Sixty+ Tunnels to Pluzine

Sixty+ Tunnels to Pluzine

Better take a strong heavy duty bike battery with you if you decide to bike this part of Montenegro. 60 and many more tunnels varying in length, number of potholes and the fact that none of them have any lights make the beginning of this day a real thrill seeking adventure. One good thing…you won’t find too much traffic on these roads. It’s actually almost empty.

What struck me today was that when I bike I really get to see and interact with my environment so much more than when I drive. The scenery, the dogs which followed me, roadside workers eager to chat, fishermen, pilgrims looking for a way into the monastery and many more people crossed my path.


The most interesting thing that happened to me was meeting this scruffy dog who followed and ran after me for 30km from the Bosnian border all the way past Pluzina.


She was so determined that even after having left her well behind on a long downhill stretch she managed to catch up again and found me in a cafe in Pluzina. Now that’s what I call determination.


The day was beautiful with long stretches of up and a few fast descents. Here is the Map and few statistics:

Total distance: 46.07 km
Total time: 7:04:26
Moving time: 5:20:34
Average moving speed: 8.62 km/h
Max speed: 46.80 km/h
Max elevation: 1083 m
Min elevation: 474 m
Elevation gain: 1216 m

By 5pm however I’d had enough and found this great place with small bungalows overlooking the Piva lake. The views and the surroundings instilled a sense of peace in me, to which I had only one thing to say… Good night.


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