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Umoljani Winter Hike

A great snowshoeing trip around the villages of Umoljani and Gradina
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    December through April (depending on snow conditions)
    4-5 hours of snowshoeing
    09:00AM (We'll pick you up in Sarajevo at your location of choice)
    To Bring:
    Hiking boots, day pack, 1 liter of water, winter gear, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sunblock, a dry t-shirt/fleece and camera.
    Transport, coffee or tea, lunch and snacks, pair of snowshoes, walking poles and gaiters, one fully-equipped and experienced English speaking guide.
    Every day on request€ 42

    From the traditional style Bosnian Mosque in the village of Umoljani we’ll trek to the watermills and beautiful source used for centuries as energy to grind wheat into flour.

    We hug the ridge until Rakitnica canyon awesomely opens up before us. After a 45 minutes of an uphill through thick snow we reach the Cascades of Studeni Potok. Here, at certain times of the year, the stream falls in numerous cascades into Rakitnica river, more than 300 meters below. Following the stream up we hit Studeno Polje (Field) and the serpent like formations of Studeni Potok (Stream). Here we’ll have a super view of Obalj and the long flat valley of Studeno Polje (Fields). The shepherd’s summer village of Gradina is just up the road and a hop-skip- and a jump from the Mosque in the village where the vehicle is parked. It’s an extremely pleasant and rewarding winter hike. Although not technically difficult it does require stamina and overall fitness.

    The views of Visočica and Treskavica are guaranteed to rid your mind of the stresses of the previous week and give you a great start for the next one. And if that is not enough we will end the day with a stroll among centuries old Stečci (tombstones) perched on a gentle flowing hill just below Umoljani.

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