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    May through October
    Moderate to Challenging
    Day One- 5 hours; Day Two - 5-6 hours; Day Three - 5-6 hours; Day Four - Maglic Ascent 9 hours, or Trnovacko Lake hike 5 hours
    08:00am (We'll pick you up in Sarajevo at your location of choice)
    12:00pm (on day 5)
    To Bring:
    Hiking boots are essential, flash light, pocket knife, sun protection including sun glasses and sun cream, one litre of water, personal hygiene kit, fleece/ jumper, rain and swimming gear, towel, change of clothes (e.g. dry socks, t-shirt, underwear and trousers) and a 30 to 40l backpack.
    Transport from Sarajevo to location and back, coffee or tea at the hikes, all meals breakfast (4x), lunch (4x), dinner (4x) and snacks, accommodation at Hotel Mladost, admission to the National Park and Fully-equipped and experienced English speaking guide.
    Not incl.:
    Optional tipping to leader, guides and local staff; souvenirs and items of a personal nature (sodas, alcoholic beverages, etc.).
    22 - 26 May 2019€ 435
    26 - 30 June 2019€ 435
    22 - 26 July 2019€ 395 (10% off)
    11 - 15 September 2019€ 435

    The tour price is based on a minimum of four (4) participants. Individual guests can join an existing group. Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by mail. Participants interested in a private trip may contact Green Visions, and a dedicated quote will be provided.

    This five day adventure through Sutjeska National Park is one of the best Bosnia and Herzegovina has to offer, covering Perućica – the old growth forest, Maglić – Bosnia’s highest peak, several high mountain lakes, dramatic views and wild life; it also presents the opportunity to reconnect with nature.

    Day 1:

    The group will depart Sarajevo for Sutjeska National Park, which is a two hour drive. After arriving at the park the group will head toward the tranquil Donje Bare Lake, and walk through beech forest and open mountainous terrain to the summit of Planinica (1,772 metres). The next destination is Gornje Bare Lake, for which a difficult, slippery and boulder covered slope will have to be navigated. At the lake the group will break for lunch.
    After lunch, the group will return to the hut via Gornje Bare. Early dinner will be served, after transfer back to the hotel in Tjentište.

    Accommodation: Hotel Mladost, Tjentiste Meals: L,D

    Day 2:

    The group will set off for Orlovačko Lake in a remote and relatively unknown area of the Zelengora mountain range. From the lake, the group will set off for Bregoč (2,029 metres) along an unmarked path over open grassland. Participants will walk through a steep valley before coming to the foot of a rising ridge that leads to the summit of Bregoč.
    After a short break the group will hike down to the various lakes of Zelengora. The day will be wrapped up with a swim at Orlovačko and an early dinner.

    Accommodation: Hotel Mladost, Tjentiste Meals: B,L,D

    Day 3:

    The group will drive a little more than 45 minutes to Perućica medieval forest. The park is a treasure trove of wildlife and a large number of endemic plants. The park also houses Bosnia and Herzegovina’s highest and impressive mountain Maglić, named after the thick fog that often surrounds its rocky peak.
    The car will be left behind at a viewpoint – Dragoš Sedlo – with its colorful view of the one of two remaining medieval forests in Europe – Perućica. The group will pass a lovely waterfall “Skakavac” which plunges 75 meters down into the dark spruce and beech forest of Perućica, and then a magical forest of beautiful 50 meter tall spruce and beech trees. Participants are likely to come across trees that are 200 to 300 years old.
    It is likely to be sunset by the time the group drives back to the hotel.

    Accommodation: Hotel Mladost, Tjentiste Meals: B,L,D

    Day 4:

    The group will head for Lokva Dernečište, perched at 1,667 metres, where the day’s walk through forest and open mountainous terrain will begin. The ascent of Maglić Mountain (2,386 metres) will take approximately four hours over well maintained mountain trails with steep cliffs and is by far the most demanding part of the day’s hike.
    People with a fear of heights are not encouraged to venture on this trip. Lunch will be had at Maglić, with its stunning views of Montenegro and Trnovačko Lake with its emerald green water deep below – the tour’s next destination.
    It will take around three hours to descend to Trnovačko Lake, where participants can enjoy the cooling waters and views of Volujak and Maglić. From the lake the group will hike back to Prijevor, and then be transferred back to the hotel in Tjentište.

    Accommodation: Hotel Mladost, Tjentiste Meals: B,L,D

    Day 5:

    Transfer and return to Sarajevo. Meals: B

    *NOTE: Please, bring your passport since we’re crossing into Montenegro.

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