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Trebevic MTB Experience

Backcountry riding above Sarajevo via the 1984 bob sleighing and downhill venues on Trebevic
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    May through November
    Moderate to challenging ride on maintained trails and roads.
    Approx. riding 30km / 4-5 hours
    To Bring:
    We advice our guests to wear padded shorts, for your own comfort. Helmet, sunglasses, water bottle and cycling gloves are also recommended.
    Sarajevo Cable Car tickets Rental of Specialized Rockhopper Comp 2015/2018 Mountain bikes, lunch and snacks, one Fully-equipped and experienced English speaking mountain bike guide.
    Not incl.:
    Helmets, water bottles, optional tipping to leader/guide and items of a personal nature (sodas, alcoholic beverages, other cycling gear, etc.).
    Helmets and water bottles can be provided by Green Visions on request.
    On request 4-8 members€ 80

    The tour price is based on a minimum of four (4) participants. Individual guests can join an existing group. Definite departure will be confirmed to participants by mail. Participants interested in a private trip may contact Green Visions, and a dedicated quote will be provided.

    Explore streets of Sarajevo, lift up Trebevic virwpoint via Sarajevo Cable Car and climb Trebevic mountain.

    From our Mojmilo office we have some 8km cycling Sarajevo bike lanes with exploration of the city to the Cable Car.

    After some 10min of unbeatable Cable car views above the city we start our bike ride to the peak of Trebevic (1,629 meters).

    Our ride takes us along winding mountain trail and we’ll be riding most of the way through pine and spruce covered forests. We arrive at the top and if the weather permits you will stand at the centre of a white universe and see Sarajevo, all immediate surrounding towns and villages, as well as mountains of Bukovik, Ozren, Crepoljsko, Romanija, Ravna planina, Jahorina, Maglic, Bioc, Volujak, Zelengora, Lelija, Treskavica, Visocica, Bjelašnica, Igman, Prenj, Cvrsnica, Vran, Bitovnja, Raduša, Vranica, Vlasic, Perun, Zvijezda..

    Having been soaked in the sights we descend via an alternative steeper but shorter trail to the heart of Old town Bascarsija and ride back to Mojmilo.

    This is a well-paced ride through a mixture of sightseeing and countryside. Trebevic MTB Adventure is a must-do if you have a niche for mountain biking and are interesting in exploring the beautiful nature that surrounds Sarajevo.

    Moderate to challenging ride / 10min Cable Car ride to Trebevic viewpoint/ 4-5 hrs biking / 750m ascent and 1,300m descent / 40km / 20% gravel, 80% asphalt

    Possibility of riding ST TrebaDH for those experienced riders and on Sarajevo Bobsled track.

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